How Much Caddies Make In Golf

A caddie, at the professional level, is much more than just a woman or man given the responsibility of carrying a golfer’s clubs.


Caddies also provide valuable tips, guidance, yardage data and support along the way for their golfer. They can also use technology on the course to help the player on the fly (see more about golf technology on golfstead).


Caddies often are a treasured member of any professional golfer’s team.


But how much do caddies make? We'll answer this question here in this article.


How much does a pro caddie earn?


The President of the PCA (Professional Caddies Association) told reporters in 2015 that high-end caddies can expect to go home with a weekly salary of between $1000 and $1500.


The weekly salary is a negotiation between the golfer and the caddie, and with average PGA Tour golfer having to play in about 20 to 30 events each year, it is safe to assume that the average annual salary for a caddie usually hovers between $20000 and $45000.


A caddie for a pro golfer normally earns between 5 percent and 10 percent of the player’s winnings. This is in addition to any salary he earns.


Variable Percentages Plus Bonuses For Caddies


The real cash for caddies normally come from bonuses as a percentage of the winnings of the player. This depends, of course, on how well the particular golfer plays.


According to an article in 2015 that was published on, a caddie’s standard cut is pegged at 10 percent when their golfer wins an event, 7 percent when the golfer manages to finish in the top ten, and 5 percent when the player manages to make the cut. But players who fail to make the cut in any tournament (and roughly half the field) do not receive any kind of winnings and, therefore, there is nothing split with the caddie.


Caddie Work Expenses


Often caddies must cover their own travel expenses getting to and from events. Some years ago, they could drive to PGA Tour events. However, since this game has exploded onto the scene, most of the top players play throughout the world in tour events. These kinds of expenses quickly add up and cut deeply into many caddie salaries.


Being a caddie may not be a walk in the park since it involves a tremendous amount of work. However, to somebody with a true love for golf, it can prove to be profitable and a great gig.


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