5 Tips On How To Drive A Golf Ball 300 Yards

As a golfer, generating great distance off the tee does not happen over night; one has to develop a very effective swing that sends the ball zooming off the clubface.


Top professional golfers who drive the ball a long way, such as Dustin Johnson and Rory McIlroy, often hit drives over 350 yards, and are two of the best players in the game.


5 Tips On How To Drive A Golf Ball 300 Yards

Considering the continued advancement of golf equipment, a modern golfer should truly perform at his or her best in terms of distance.


Speed and Effort


Hitting a 300-yard shot requires some patience and learning — even the best started from somewhere, right?


The average clubhead speed to achieve this kind of shot is around 120 mph carrying a distance of approximately 295 yards (plus or minus a few yards). For an amateur, this would be a brilliant shot.


Using The Right Club


With the right club, one stands to achieve the goal of a big drive much more easily.


Consider this: a 9-iron can send the ball around 145 yards or so. Longer irons typically send the ball farther than this, with the driver producing the most distance.


If you want to have any hope of hitting a drive 300+ yards, you need to use a driver. Only the longest hitters in the game can pull it off with anything other than driver.


Avoid carrying a large number of clubs that won't be necessary in a round. This:

  • lightens your load while traversing the golf course
  • simplifies club selection

Check out this quality video on hitting long drives:


Correct Timing and Stable Thoughts


Making an effective swing requires excellent timing. As much effort as one has to exert in a swing, making excess effort can make everything go to waste.


Timing involves having a rhythm, a good body posture and the right thoughts. Thoughts can really disrupt your rhythm and posture. Keep your mind focused on the ball — a distracted, unwell mind will not breed success.


Having A Specific Aim In Mind


Having a specific aim and target is mandatory. Remember that you are not Jack Nicklaus, but you can give it a good effort.


Ensure that you have a target in mind and aim for the target.


Observing The Wind Direction And Speed


The wind will always serve as a helping agent. If it's downwind in any way, it will add yards to your shot off the tee. In this way, it can sometimes be fairly easy to hit a tee shot over 300 yards.


Wind can also affect the direction of the ball flight. Golfers should take any appreciable wind into account when setting up for their tee shot. Observe how it ends up affecting the shot.


With the right gear, the right swing, the right mindset, and a body built for power and speed, you'll have everything you need to crush it off the tee. Good luck!

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